because your best work can't wait


    Here's our lineup for the rest of the year...



    What’s ahead in 2020

    It’s a new year with new possibilities…


    Here’s our workshop and events line up for the first quarter of 2020

    Kicking it off strong with our 9th session of The Marketing Seminar.


    Registration opens January 7th, 2020.


    We’re hosting our first ever LIVE Real Skills Virtual Conference on January 17th. Join Seth and hundreds of others on Zoom to explore the future of work and how to build skills that matter in today’s world.


    We’ll be unveiling our newest workshop, The Creative's Workshop, on February 4th.


    Our fifth session of the Podcast Fellowship starts February 19th.

    Our second session of The Story Skills Workshop starts March 3rd.

    Our third session of The Freelancer’s Workshop starts March 17th.

    Our fourth session of The Bootstrapper’s Workshop starts March 31.

    And our next altMBA runs April 20-May 20th. The first priority deadline to apply is January 21.


    You can find out about each of the workshops by clicking the link above. If a workshop isn’t currently running, please hit the TELL ME MORE button on each page and sign up for updates so we can alert you when it’s ready and help you find the best seminar at the right time.


    The Akimbo workshops have changed the lives of more than 14,000 people in 70+ countries. We have a mighty alumni network that engages every day at our private discussion board called Forward Link, and you probably know someone who has been transformed by the work they’ve done with us.


    I’m thrilled that we’re up to our fourth podcasting workshop, our third bootstrapper’s, our eighth marketing seminar and our 35th altMBA.


    Because it works.

  • This is Akimbo

    When you're ready to make a ruckus.

    Akimbo is a series of workshops (and a podcast) about bending the culture, about speaking up and being heard. We believe that each of us has more power than ever before to see the world as it is, to contribute and to make things better.

  • The three secrets of our workshops

    Hint: Compliance and convenience are not welcome here


    The community needs your voice.
    We build spaces where people connect, learn and grow.

  • A future of education

    Seth Godin, founder of the Akimbo Workshops, has been on the leading edge of education for thirty years.


    A few years after his viral TEDx talk, more than 40,000 people have learned from one of our online courses or workshops.

  • It's time to level up

    We build platforms where people connect.


    Our students generously challenge each other, working solo and in groups to create projects that matter to them.

  • Our flagship: the altMBA

    You're ready for this.

  • A 97% completion rate

    Founded in 2015 by bestselling author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, the altMBA is an intensive 4-week online workshop that provides dedicated coaches, a structure with deadlines,13 prompts, and curated learning groups that push students beyond their perceived limitations.


    Unlike our other workshops, the altMBA requires you to apply. Only 125 people are selected to participate in each cohort and the intimate scale enables a totally different experience.


    Our 3000+ alumni consist of leaders from 74 countries and 1200+ cities. Students join us from organizations like Kickstarter, Nike, Microsoft, Lululemon, PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Whole Foods, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Chobani, The Red Cross, Sony, charity:water, and more.


    In addition to our corporate students, the altMBA invites students from all industries and job levels. We have small business owners, software engineer, freelancers, dentists, students who join us each session.


    The altMBA doesn’t pretend to fill your toolbox with skills you’d learn in a traditional MBA experience. We’re focused around core topics like empathy, shipping work, ignoring sunk costs, critical thinking, public speaking, leading through ambiguity, getting enrollment, design, strategy…Our structure is 20% content and 80% producing/doing the work.


    We provide you the time, reason and support to take action on your individual goals and prepare you to ship by the end of the month-long sprint. We’ve had students start businesses, write books, and even transition to another career as a result of taking the leap with us.


    Please find more information at altmba.com


  • Workshops offered

    Our proven platform works in 74 countries, 24 hours a day...
    (new sessions coming soon--sign up and we'll keep you up to date)

    Work with bestselling author Bernadette Jiwa to learn to tell a better story

    Better stories help you engage with those you seek to serve.

    And better stories help you make the change you seek in the world.


    Author of eight bestsellers, Jiwa offers proven techniques for earning the trust and attention of the people you're working with.


    Find out more at thestoryskillsworkshop.com


    You deserve better clients

    If you work for yourself, your boss (that's you) might not be serving you well.


    In this concise, straightforward workshop, you'll discover how to get what you need: better clients.


    Currently in session, stay tuned for our next one.

    Everyone should have a podcast

    Taught by the extraordinary Alex DiPalma, we start with the why and give you access to the confidence and the techniques you'll need. One of our grads just hit the top 10 in his category on iTunes. Currently in session, stay tuned for our next one.

    Start a real business but do it without cash

    The Bootstrapper’s Workshop is for individuals looking to build a real business, and do it without outside funding. This is brass tacks and hands-on, the thinking and the tactics that can open the door to doing it with generosity, not a short-term hustle. Taught by Seth Godin. Currently in session, stay tuned for our next one.

    The most popular marketing seminar in the world

    The Marketing Seminar is a 100-day workshop, with 50 video lessons, prompts every other day and a go-at-your-own-pace ethos that fits into any calendar. Taught by Seth Godin. Currently in session, starts again in January.

    Based on the groundbreaking UC Berkeley MBA course

    The Business of Food Workshop is taught by famed entrepreneur and author Will Rosenzweig, and it’s based on his popular course at UC Berkeley–the Haas school is one of the top ten MBA programs in the country. Joined by guests like Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, this workshop is our most academic, giving participants a big picture overview at the same time they see a path for their own work.

    The breakthrough course that will change the way you see and do

    No videos, simply projects, coaches, groups and a chance to do work that matters.


    We have more than 4,000 graduates doing extraordinary work in organizations around the world.


    Group work, no lectures. A chance to level up.


    By application only. Find out more at altmba.com



    A bonus for Akimbo alumni around the world

    The Akimbo Workshops have a growing network of more than 10,000 alumni in 74 countries around the world.

    • Some of our alumni have started projects together.
    • Others get together regularly in person for a cup of coffee.
    • And a few have flown to other continents to meet each other.
    • They even go to each other’s weddings.
    • The common thread: lifelong connections with people who see you and you see them.

    Among our alumni, there is a shared commitment to generosity, support, openness and doing work that matters.


    We created Forward Link as a hub for our alumni. We wanted to continue to foster these important connections and our shared commitment to making a difference.


    At the heart of Forward Link is the gift of feedback. A way to find the others who are on similar journeys and to stick together. You’ll find discussion boards filled with meaningful conversations and insights around your work and the work of others.


    Here are some of the specific things you can do in Forward Link:

    • Stay up to date with the latest announcements from Akimbo Workshops HQ (deadlines, newsletter, event details)
    • Find collaborators for projects you’re working on
    • View and participate in special weekly prompts
    • Pitch your projects and get feedback
    • View and post your own resource recommendations
    • View and submit Linchpin jobs of the week (curated jobs worth doing)

    While there are optional upgrades, joining Forward Link is available at no cost to all of our alumni. After you enroll and complete an Akimbo workshop, you’ll get additional details about how to join.